How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to WordPress

How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to WordPress this is a long tutorials that will explain details to set up Users to Submit Posts to WordPress . Read all the steps carefully. Best way to learn is to practically do it to understand better and avoid errors.

I would advice you to perform is on  localhost  then shifting website to server

How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to WordPress

Things Required


2)User Role Editor Plugin 

3)View Own Post Media Only

3) Two differ Browser  Eg: Mozilla & Chrome


1)  Loggin to WordPress Admin Panel.

2) Download Install  both the plugins.

2) Go to Setting >> General

3) Check  the Box Anyone can register , select Contributor in Default  Role

wordpress general anyone can register contibutor

4 ) Save it.

5) Now we have to use the plugin User Role Editor  the shortcut will be in Users

 User Role Editor shortcut

User Role Editor shortcut


Settings for User Role editor 

Note: This will give contributor rights to Publish Post 

1)  Use the shortcut in Users >> User Role Editor 

2) Select Contributor

3) Now Check All Boxes  EXACTLY as Shown in the image below( Important )

User Role Editor Contributor checked fieldsUser Role Editor Contributor checked fields

User Role Editor Contributor checked fields

4) Update it

Note : You can play around can with rights if you messed up this will save you.

Settings for View Own Post Media Only 

Note: This will assign user to view, own posts,

1) This plugin doesn’t have any particular settings

Just install it.

Now open your website in different browser and register as new user, login check it.

Note: Add some demo post from Admin which should not reflect in other user account. 

Done you will have a website that  Allow Users to Submit Posts to WordPress

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8 Responses to How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to WordPress

  1. Karthik June 18, 2014 at 4:34 am #

    I have created a vendor & assigned capabilities using User Role Editor. Vendor is able to post product & he has permission to edit his own product only. The vendor should view only his product orders but the panel displays product orders from all vendors. How to restrict this?
    Any help would be appreciated….

  2. Nishil Prasad June 18, 2014 at 10:10 am #

    Hi Karthik thank you for stopping here and taking time to comment. Well Can you give me some more information
    1) Are you using woocommerce
    2) did you make a custom role for vendors

    • Karthik June 18, 2014 at 10:27 am #

      Hi Prasad,

      Thanks for your Quick response.
      I am using woocommerce plugin version 2.1.11
      I have created vendor role and assigned following Capabilities,

      Core Capabilities:
      1. read
      2. upload_files

      Custom Capabilities:
      1. assign_product_terms
      2. delete_product
      3. delete_products
      4. delete_published_products
      5. edit_private_shop_orders
      6. edit_product
      7. edit_products
      8. edit_published_products
      9. edit_published_shop_orders
      10. edit_shop_order
      11. edit_shop_order_terms
      12. edit_shop_orders
      13. publish_products
      14. read_private_shop_order
      15. read_private_shop_orders
      16. read_product
      17. read_shop_order
      18. view_woocommerce_reports
      19. wpsc_view_product_sales

  3. Karthik June 19, 2014 at 4:17 am #

    Thanks Prasad..


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